Learn all you need to know about kickboxing

The British Chinese Kickboxing Association has all the latest trends and news about kickboxing in your community. It is essential to stay informed if you enjoy the sport.

Training and joining classes

Learn about the kinds of kickboxing classes and what it takes to become a professional kickboxer. Every professional kickboxing instructor has a different style. It may be helpful to gather enough knowledge about kickboxing before you decide to take up classes with a professional kickboxer.

Legit Kickboxing associations

Reputable kickboxing associations can provide you with all the information you need about kickboxing classes and events in your area. When you are a member of an association, you may even be afforded certain benefits, such as discounted competition fees, if you qualify to participate.

The kickboxing championships

The championships don’t come around every day and kickboxers train for years to become competitive contenders. The championship belt is not the only thing a kickboxer can walk away with. There are often loads of prize money involved when you walk away as the kickboxing champion.

The rules of the sport

As with every sport, there are certain rules you will need to follow. Get all the information you need about the rules of the sport. Every champion needs to start somewhere, and you may need to start with the rule book before you decide that you want to become the next kickboxing champion of the world.

Legendary kickboxing champions

Learn all you can from the kickboxing legends of the past. Here are some of the legendary kickboxing champs taking the world by storm to get you inspired on your kickboxing journey.

John Wayne Parr

This legend from Australia has been fighting as a pro kickboxer for the last 23 years. His fights may just be recorded in your training manual. He has won a record number of fights.

Buakaw Banhamek

Buakaw appears not to have aged a single day since he began his professional career. As one of the all-time greatest Thai fighters, he has had over 300 pro fights.


Saenchai is arguably one of the greatest Thai kickboxers of all time. He has been fighting professionally for a remarkable 32 years. Old fans will never forget his first fight when he was only 8 years old.