Gear Up for the Kickboxing Title

There are some incredible rewards and cash prizes for individuals who win a kickboxing tournament. However, when it comes to the most prestigious titles globally, only a few championship belts take the cake. If you ever see a guy holding one of these, there may be something you can learn from him.

Southern Area Title

This title is for the local fighters in the UK that have made it so far and have earned the honour of standing out in their local kickboxing community.

British Champion

The British Champion belt, otherwise known as the Lord Lonsdale Challenge Belt, is another localised tournament that brings together British boxing champions. The winner will be crowned the British Champion.

European Champion

The name speaks for itself, as this title is awarded to the best European kickboxer. The competition gets tight across the border. With more countries competing, the prize money also gets a boost.

Intercontinental Champion

The Intercontinental Champion title is just one tier below the World Championship belt. If you manage to land yourself this title, you could earn the right to challenge the World Champion for his title.

World Champion

Saving the best for last. The World Champion title will be a fight between the reigning champion kickboxer, and the challenger will likely be the reigning Intercontinental champion. This event could probably crown a new World Champion.

Do you think you have a shot at the World Title?

Kickboxing is a high-intensity aerobic sport. It involves a lot of endurance, strength training, and strategy. Some sources indicate that kickboxers can burn up to 1000 calories per hour. However, you need an extremely intensive training program to remain at the top of your game, and if you are serious about winning the title.