A Fun Fundraiser Event for Kickboxing Associations

Kickboxing requires a lot of hard work and dedication to maintain. However, trainers and sports equipment don’t come cheap. So, many talented individuals on the streets could benefit from a fundraiser to pursue their dreams.

The scene at mFortune can deliver on its promises

A trendy idea for a fundraiser could involve something as simple as getting a community of kickboxing fans together for a game of bingo via www.mfortune-bingo.co.uk. Participants can join the bingo games, and there is always a chance that someone will hit the jackpot.

How jackpot winnings can promote kickboxing

The winners of the bingo evening can donate their winnings to the future of kickboxing in their community. The progressive jackpots at mFortune are incredible. What exactly can these winnings be used?

All proceeds to go to the relevant kickboxing association

Kickboxing associations are typically NGOs (Non-Profit Organisations), and they rely on donations and fundraisers to maintain their responsibilities in the world of kickboxing. There are some associations out there that go the extra mile when it comes to promoting the sport.

Provide funding to host incredible kickboxing events

The money you end up winning at mFortune Casino may raise enough money to sponsor spectacular kickboxing events. You may just end up being celebrated at the event and have thousands of kickboxing fans cheer you on. You may even have your favourite kickboxers make an appearance at the event.

Your winnings could make someone’s dream a reality

It is hard for some individuals to get into kickboxing. The sport is very demanding and finding a professional coach can cost a fortune. If you were lucky enough to hit the jackpot at the slots with mFortune, you might just be the person that sponsors a lucky individual who dreams of becoming the world’s best kickboxer.

The Benefits of Becoming a Kickboxer

Winning a kickboxing tournament and some cash are only among the many advantages of taking up the sport. Your body will also thank you for the training and lifestyle. This means improved mental and cardiovascular health. Additionally, you may also find that you have enhanced strength, balance, confidence, and better-quality sleep, among others.

Better mental health

Today, where work life is particularly demanding, it is essential to look after your mental health. Kickboxing and other forms of intensive exercise have often been associated with positive feelings and improved mental health.

Cardiovascular Health

Keeping the heart healthy is essential if you are looking to lead a long, happy life. High-intensity sports like kickboxing have been linked to improved cardiovascular endurance. This means your kickboxing lungs may be better at getting and using oxygen than the average Joe.

Strength and Balance

This one speaks for itself, as it is common knowledge that once you train like a kickboxer, your muscle tone and balance will get a boost. You may not look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but your gloves will sure bag a formidable punch.

Confidence Boost

Feeling fit and happy may give you a tremendous confidence boost. You will likely walk around with your head held high, ready to take on any challenge the world throws at you. There is no one left to fear.

Sleeping Better

If you have managed to stick to a strict exercise regime and lead a healthy lifestyle, you may find that your sleep quality will improve dramatically. You can finally wake up feeling fresh and ready for anything.

If you enjoy kickboxing, you will find that staying active and living a healthy lifestyle will ultimately improve the quality of your life. With some kickboxing skills under your belt, you may just feel a little safer when you are walking down a dark alley in the middle of the night. Strangers may think twice before they pick a bone with you.

Thrilling Kickboxing Associations and Events

When you are training for a kickboxing championship, it is helpful to join an official kickboxing association. You may just get the opportunity to participate in extraordinary events and become eligible for some other great benefits.

Major Kickboxing Events in the UK

There is an incredible number of kickboxing tournaments throughout the year. You will be forgiven for missing out on a few, but we can mention a couple of formidable events here for the fans.

The WKO Training System

This popular tournament is hosted by The Dragonfoot Kickboxing & Boxing Academy based in the United Kingdom. The next tournament will be held on the 31st of December 2022. Kickboxing stars from across the world participate. No worries, you still have plenty of time to prepare.

The 40 Battle of The North 4

This tournament is held annually at The Riverside in England. With the iconic scenery of England in the background, kickboxing stars have enjoyed fighting it out here year after year. Book your spot for next year if you feel you are ready for the ring.

The 2021 WKO British Open Championships

This is one of the most prestigious kickboxing championships held in the UK. The Metrodome Leisure Complex in England hosts this spectacular event. Kickboxing fans from around the world flock to this scene every year to see the kickboxing champions fight it out.

Official kickboxing associations

It is effortless to hook up with a kickboxing association. If you have some talent, you may even be lucky enough to receive a sponsorship from one of these fantastic associations. We have mentioned a few organisations here that might interest you.

The WKO (World Kickboxing Organisation)

This organisation focuses on mat sports. WKO is the world’s governing body for kickboxing, and it promotes and provides support for all other major Martial Arts events throughout the world.

The WKU (World Kickboxing and Karate Union)

This organisation mainly covers Germany and parts of Europe. The WKU operates under the wing of the Global Combats Sports Organisation. They sponsor and support a range of martial arts events.

The WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organisations)

The WAKO is the largest and most reputable organisation for amateur kickboxers. It was created to develop and promote the sport and to seek out talented kickboxers.